Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Fun, and it's located in that Spot...right there...

I've been neglecting this blog a bit lately, but I really haven't had that much of anything really interesting to say, so I thought I'd put up a post about a fun arcade we go to occasionally.

I know the blog title is pretty lame, but it was the best I could come up with. The FunSpot is in Laconia, NH near Weirs Beach and, according to their Facebook page, is the largest arcade in the world! That I find a bit surprising, it is pretty big, but they aren't very good at keeping up with new video games, the most modern game I remember coming across was Primal Instinct for crying out loud :)
But where the FunSpot excels is in classic video games. They have pretty much all of them and they are usually in great working order. I occasionally find a game that's under the weather but considering how old some of them are, it's a good track record.

If you have ever seen The King of Kong, then you may be familiar with The FunSpot. They have the Pac Man and Donkey Kong games that the world records were broken on. If you haven't seen King of Kong, I recommend it, it's a fun movie about classic games and the culture around them.

If you find yourself up that way, pop in, it's a lot of ...well, fun. They also have some really old coin op games, some Skee Ball, pinball, table hockey, all that good stuff.

Just a bit further down the street you will find Weirs Beach. They also have 3 old arcades, although these arcades do have some newer games along with some classics. It's basically set up in a boardwalk style and the arcades are open all along the front, so that means these particular spots are only fun in the summer (see what I did there?).

So if you are up for a trip, it's about 2 hours away or so, it's a fun day. You get to relive some of your childhood, have some fried dough and ice cream and look at touristy crap that you are surprised people actually buy. Well, I love looking at that crap anyway.


  1. Skee ball! Also, there are 2...that's right 2...sundae bars to choose from down in Weirs Beach.

  2. Dan, you are such a kid at heart...just like your Dad :-)... We used to go up there, not so much anymore. We also like FunTown up in Maine at Old Orchard Beach...way back in the day. Although have taken David up there too, he loved it. Was the first coaster he Always good to be in touch with the kid inside as we get older... In Methuen we have a great ice cream place called JayGees (HUGE ice cream portions) with mini golf and go carts which are a blast! Gotta love summer time... Enjoy the last few weeks. Hope to see you and Elise soon.

  3. I could play Skee Ball all day! Wish there was a place closer that had it besides Chucky Cheese. And Goog, you have tons to blog about. Besides your older comics you can give reviews of movies or T.V. shows, both past and present. You could also talk about your experiences when you moved to that small town that banned music and dancing. I can never get enough about how you played chicken on a tractor with a local kid and then found a way to host the prom in a barn. Good stuff. Anyways, just throwing in my 3 cents.

  4. Gary, my only question is why the heck don't YOU have a blog?! I'd read it!

  5. I really have nothing interesting to say. I'm better at commenting.

  6. I loved that arcade as a kid. I haven't been there in over 25 years. My family used to rent a cabin on lake Winnipesaukee and would go to FunSpot sometimes. When I saw King of Kong I geeked out when I recognized the place.