Friday, October 23, 2009

On Second Thought...and a review!

Well, I have been putting this off and since Elise made a blog post on her site about the same thing and did such a good job it, I'm just going to refer you to her posts to read about the museums we visited while in London. We couldn't take many photos, so there's not a whole lot to share. I could type something up, but visiting a museum is really a visual thing, so I decided to spare you (and myself) long descriptions. So please read if you haven't:

Next up, I wanted to share a short movie review with you. Last night, I went with Dover, Medford and Stoneham to see Zombieland. At first, Dover and I weren't all that excited about the movie. It's a zombie comedy and had a lot of potential for suck. After a few reviews we started to change our tune, it sounded like it was actually pretty good. Then Stoneham and Medford caught it and enjoyed it so much they demanded that we go see it with them!

I have to say, the movie was pretty damn fun. The characters were interesting, there wasn't a lot of back story, but you really didn't need it. We've all seen the rise of the zombie and the fall of civilization in all the other zombie movies so we understand that part. The movie gives you just enough to get an understanding of the character's personalities, then gets to the plot and plenty of zombie slaughter. The zombie kills are all pretty creative and some have to be seen to be believed.

The thing I liked the most about the movie were that the characters all avoided the basic horror movies mistakes, thanks to the main character's insistence on living by "The Rules", for example. #1, Cardio. You can't outrun a zombie or a group of them if you are out of shape. The rules definitely save everyone's lives throughout the movie and keep the movie from falling into the same old shit we've all seen before. Even the few times where you saw the joke coming a mile away, I didn't care because I was looking forward to seeing it!

So all in all. It was a ton of fun, I absolutely recommend it.

My one complaint might be that the zombies were less zombie-like than I'd prefer. They were much more a cross of "fast" zombies and the infected in 28 Days Later. I personally prefer the classic slow zombie to the newfangled runnin' ones, but I was able to put that all aside and enjoy them being destroyed and messed with throughout the movie.

Finally, I have one announcement. While having so much fun at the movie and thinking about it for this review, I decided to put together a blog about my favorite zombie movies. So next week, I'll break it up over a few days and present to you a review of a ton of flicks from what I'm going to term the Golden, Silver and Modern age of zombie movies. Stay tuned!


  1. Great idea for a blog. Best zombie movies. Looking forward to it! Glad that you and Dover enjoyed the movie. My favorite parts were the cameo by you know who, the rules and of course, Action Abbie. It would be interesting to trace the evolution from slow moving zombie to running zombie. To me, running zombie is scarier because there's more potential to be caught and eaten, especially for me who's lacking rule #1: cardio. The slow moving zombies would seem easier to kill or avoid all together. Thoughts?

  2. Thoughts? Sure, but you'll have to wait until Monday for the blog!

    (I'm writing it now, so it'll actually be ready for Monday)

  3. Well, I'd have to say that Stoneham was the one making demands...I was just saying it was a good movie and that perhaps you should see it being an aficianado of the genre.
    Glad you guys liked it and I agree on your point of the characters avoiding the typical horror movie tropes. Nice observation, sir.
    Medford out!