Friday, December 4, 2009

A Clash of Comic Titans!

Boy, I wasn't sure I was ever going to get around to another one of these! I apologize for the lack of posts. I feel like I haven't had a whole lot of time for catching up on my new comics, let alone reminiscing about my older ones. I have finally had some time to do some reading and catching up, thanks to the long Thanksgiving weekend. I made a dent in the new books and was also able to make a decent dent in the new older comics I have acquired as of late. Speaking of which, I present to you a very recently acquired Bronze Age book:

The Invincible Ironman #54

I had been looking for this for a bit because it has the first appearance of Moondragon, who was once a member of Adam Warlock's Infinity Watch and keeper of the Mind Infinity Gem. She is also currently a member of the new Guardians of the Galaxy and I have lately been attempting to collect the first appearances of the Guardians. With the purchase of this book I am nearly done, but coincidentally the book I am most seeking out to complete my set is the elusive Ironman #55! Which contains the first appearance of Drax The Destoryer and one of my favorite villains, Thanos! Seeing as this particular issue of Ironman was drawn and written my Jim Starlin and has the first veiled appearance of a major baddie, it's pretty had to come by in decent shape and under $100. So the hunt continues.
Back to the issue at hand, so to speak. When we first see the future Moondragon she is calling herself, get this, Madame MacEvil. Madame MacEvil? Really? She didn't put much thought into that one did she? Anyway, she decides to pit Ironman and Namor against each other to see who is tougher. She uses her supercomputer (who she argues with the entire issue, because she gave it emotions and it's all uppity) to take control of Tony's armor and then force him to attack Namor! Namor being Namor, assumes this is further proof that the surface dwellers can't be trusted and just dives right into the fight. Poor Tony is held helpless as he pummels and is pummeled by his ally. Eventually he regains control and zooms off not even trying to apologize to Namor, who at this point is (pardon yet another pun) royally pissed and probably wouldn't listen to reason anyway.

The issue ends pretty much around there without much explained, aside from everyone going their separate ways. Thanks to the ever helpful Wiki, it turns out that Moondragon *ahem* Madame MacEvil is not actually evil, she's running around trying to find someone that's strong enough to combat and defeat Thanos. As to exactly why, well, hopefully that story will be told once I get my mitts on that Ironman #55. Until then, this has been the Goog and I'm outta here!


  1. Interesting synopsis. I know who Iron Man and Namor are but don't know much about Moondragon. Namor is a character that I have never liked too much. Too arrogant for me. I hope you can track down issue #55.

    P.S. I like your sign off.

  2. Moondragon has a...complicated...back story. Way too complicated to bother trying to sum up, so I set that handy wiki link to her name.

    I agree about Namor, I don't hate him, but I have a hard time liking him.

  3. Namor is brilliant! Is he good? Is he attacking the surface world again? Is he wearing pants? Have some respect for one of Marvel's first heroes, willya?

  4. Sorry Anonymous, but I pretty much dislike almost every Marvel character. DC is where it's at!

  5. I never said I didn't respect Marvel's first mutant and first hero. But just as the examples you gave, he is all over the place. He is justifiably angry, but that anger is what makes him difficult to like.
    He always stays somewhere between hero and anti-hero. Is that good or is that annoying? What do you, my faithful readers, think?

  6. I say it's annoying, and not just because I dislike Marvel. There is an arrogance about him that makes him very unlikeable. Aquaman is also a king and he's much more likable and alot less full of himself. Just a faithful readers two cents.