Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Staying Scared!

Woah, time sure gets away from you!  As I signed in to write up this blog I was shocked to see that it's been just over a month since my last post.  My apologies.  So to make it up for you, I have a fresh, brand-spankin-new blog!  Ok, so that's not much of a gift but hey this is free, you get what you pay for.

This very afternoon, I got to meet and shake the hand one of my favorite directors!  George Romero, director of some of my favorite movies, like Creepshow, Night of The Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, was in the Harvard Square Newbury Comics.  He was there promoting his new movie, Survival of The Dead and he was signing!  I found out about it just yesterday and luckily I am one train stop away from Harvard, so I was able to get there pretty quickly.  I secured a spot about 20 people in from the beginning.  I am glad I didn't wait much longer because the line quickly started to snake all the way out the store and was halfway down the ramp of the Garage when I left!

George showed up a little late, but that's not unusual, people are almost never on time for these things.  When he did arrive he got right to signing but the line didn't start moving, after about 15-20 minutes the employees eventually put the clues together and asked that everyone only have one thing signed by Mr. Romero.  That did the trick and things finally started moving.
I snapped a few pictures from a distance but only one came out any good:

When it finally got to me, I found Mr. Romero to be in very good spirits and very friendly.  I know people say that all the time as though they expect celebrities to be rude but I have found that they aren't often genuine.  Guys like Bruce Campbell know their fans expect Ash from Evil Dead 2, so that's what he gives you, but it's more refreshing to meet guys like Romero, Stephen King and Penn and Teller and have them talk to you like a person and not put on a show....not that I don't enjoy Bruce Campbell but you get the point.

I had brought a bunch of comics that Romero had co-written for DC, called Toe Tags and a prized Dawn of The Dead Poster Book.  The Poster book was given to me by a friend as a birthday gift a long while back.  It is signed by Dario Argento and Tom Savini.  He knew I had been drooling over it for a while, and although it was not terribly expensive, it was just out of my reach at the time (which sounds totally lame when you realize it was only like $25 or so, I had a shitty job).  As I write this I am shocked at how cheap it was, but it was in the days just before Zombie boom, so no one was really interested in this but us.
I always felt that the only signature that was missing was Georges, so I am extremely happy to finally have it!

Romero was at first impressed when he saw the signatures and asked me when I met Dario.  I told him, "Unfortunately this was a gift...wait!  I mean that fortunately this was a gift, but unfortunately I did not get to meet Dario or Tom."  He understood and asked me if I had a preference for where the signature went, I told him no, any where is fine, so you can see his signature on the bottom left.  He shook my hand and off I went!

It sure brightened up an otherwise tiring day!  See you guys next time!


  1. Fantastic The Goog! As someone who collects autographs from people they admire I completely understand your excitement. It's also a good feeling to know that the person you admire is in fact a nice guy and you were able to chat for a moment rather than just getting it signed and moving along. Very cool piece to have signed. I hope you will proudly display it on the wall somewhere in your place. I smell a zombie movie night soon.

  2. Oh yeah, I had this framed and up on the wall originally and now I'd like to get a better frame.

  3. Pretty wonderful all around! I'm glad you got to see him.

  4. Hopefully he also showed you some of his entrails.