Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Correspondence!

I got home last week to find a message from my mother on the phone, which in itself is not unusual, but this time it was a pretty unusual message (even for my mother).

She claimed that she had a letter for me that had arrived to the house which appeared to be to me from me!  After calling and being reassured that I had understood correctly, she asked me if she should open it.  I decided to wait and make the mystery a bit more mysterious.

I wasn't able to get over there right away check it out, but once I did get my hands on it I immediately understood it was some kind of old self addressed stamped envelope thing.  Since I hadn't sent away for anything and hadn't lived at home in about 4 years, I knew this was a pretty damn old letter.

Upon opening the envelope I discovered this:
(Click to read.)

A sweet letter from Mad Magazine!  Back when I had graduated Mass Art, I had submitted a bunch of applications for work.  I got nothing but a bunch of "Thanks but no thanks" letters, if I got anything at all.  I had totally forgotten about Mad and their promise of an official response if you included the SASE. 

I was delighted to find it even personalized with my name and the cross outs in red look like handwriting, probably some poor intern who does nothing but this all day, but it's still a nice touch! 

A little late(six years!), but a pleasant surprise none the less!

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  1. That's awesome Goog! Do you think it took them this long to get back to you or was it a post office foul up? Either way can't wait to see that hanging up in your place. You should send another application and see how long it takes to get back to you this time.