Friday, July 17, 2009

Fragged by Mother Nature

For the past 3-4 months we've been planning a hiking trip for this weekend. It was planned to be an overnight, but I took Monday off just to have an extra day to relax and recuperate, if recuperating was needed.

Mother Nature on the other hand, had other plans. It's looking like 80% chance of thunder storms up in NH this weekend.
Rain + Thunder & Lightning= Shitty Hiking.

It's pretty disappointing, we haven't had a chance to go camping at all this year due to various happenstances, so I was really looking forward to going. We even has a couple of new recruits to our little hiking club who have never been on a trip like this before.

To try to salvage as much of the weekend as we could and since Sunday is supposed to be the better part of the weekend, we all decided to not let our gear go to waste and we're going to hike up Mt. Monadnock. I think it should be a good day, it's going to be nice and sunny, there are no trees up there so the views should be pretty spectacular and if not, well I still have Monday off to catch a movie and try to forget the horrors we suffered.

So take that Nature! You can kick us in the nuts and we'll just take it and smile!

oh, I bow to your will oh great Gaia! Please bless us with your favors, I knew not what I was saying!

...we're doomed.

I'll put up some pics if we survive!

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  1. If you guys go see a movie on Monday please give me a ring if I can join you. Thanks.