Monday, November 4, 2013

Brew Blast: Dry Hop Cider

TinyDoom and I ran into this cider at our local market's Cider and Meade tasting recently, we tried a great many tasty ciders of all kinds but purchased only a few.  This is the first I'm going to review! (ooh, I made a rhyme!)

Woodchuck Hard Cider Cellar Series Dry Hop

I was not surprised to like this, I have not had a Woodchuck cider that I didn't like.  Their Fall cider is maybe my absolute favorite, but that's another post.  

The Dry Hop ran $5.95 for a pint bottle, it's 6.9% so hearty for a cider.  Their ciders are fairly sweet, but pleasantly so, they are very easy to drink and this is no exception.  Hops are not something you usually taste in cider, honestly I'm not sure it's really a normal ingredient, but maybe it should be.  The hops enhance the apple taste and bring in some citrus, I get mainly grapefruit (which on it's own I'm not a fan of but it works here).  It's nicely balanced, one of my problems with hoppy beers is that I can only drink one before my mouth is dry and I'm looking for something else to drink, but this is a nice blast of hops without drying you out, this is something I could have a couple of in a row.  ...which I would, but we only bought this one bottle :(

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