Thursday, October 31, 2013

Green Arrowed!

Hidely-ho Halloweeno's! Hallowinos?  Maybe I'll stick with the first one.  Anyhow, it's HALLOWEEN! The best day of the year!  A couple of weekend's ago was Comicazi's (our local comic shop) Halloweeniversary, the party that TinyDoom and I plan all year for.  This past year we decided to go with a DC theme, since last year we went Marvel.

Green Arrow and Speedy!

Compared to last year's Ant-Man helmet, these costumes were a breeze.
I made the hats using a plan I found online, I slightly modified the template to work with the tools I had, which was mainly thread and felt.

The eye masks I made using craft foam, I shaped them to our faces using a heat gun and they are attached using invisible elastic string.  They worked out really well, although by the end of the night mine was starting to bug on of my eyes, but otherwise they came out better than I had hoped.

We both have quivers that you can't see in this picture, but they were both small mailing tubes that we painted green or yellow and zip tied to the belts across our chests.

The bows we bought off Amazon and I spray painted mine, TinyDoom got lucky and found one that was red and yellow.  We had fun using them, poorly, over the summer.

The tunic I got off ebay and the pants and under shirt were green scrubs.

My boots I got off Amazon, off season, so they were really cheap, then I just tucked and folded over a sheet of craft foam for the cuffs.

Both of our gloves we got off Amazon again, they are an inexpensive super hero glove that seem to fit perfectly, I had picked up a blue pair last year at a pop-up Halloween store to save my Ant-Man costume and searched high and low for them this year, I had intended to buy one of each color but no such luck, they were tough to come by and I think I was lucky to get what I did.

You can barely see them, but I did make a couple of boxing glove arrows, which I basically just zip tied and hot glued to the arrows.  They weren't the prettiest but they looked good enough in the dark and people got a kick out of them.

The final piece I worked hard on was my magnificent beard.  I grew it out over the past year and a half just to be ready to simulate Ollie's facial stylings. Technically Silver Age Green Arrow doesn't have facial hair, but I felt it was important to add in that touch of modern GA (or at least animated GA), at least in an effort to not be confused with Robin Hood, although I was asked to clarify which I was twice :) But here's a pic of me after shaping the Van Dyke.

Here's a better look...or at least a view of said Van Dyke.

I'll tell you, I don't have plans to have another heavy beard in ANY upcoming summer. Yeesh.

That's about it, for now, since I have a second costume ready to reveal for Halloween Night, weather permitting, but until then enjoy a DC group picture:

(Starman, Batman, GA, Speedy and an outrageous Aquaman)



  1. Sexiest Green Arrow ever. Speedy's not too shabby either. As always, great costumes you guys

  2. You may or may not know this, but I'm partial to DC characters. That being said, I love these costumes! The boxing glove arrows are outrageous! Nicely done.

  3. Best Justice League EVER. You guys looked phenomenal. And I am EXTREMELY curious about this second costume!

  4. Depending on the weather, I might not be able to do much more than some spooky pictures at home.