Monday, October 7, 2013

Brew Battle: Post Road Pumpkin Ale

Welcome back once again, to Brew Battle.  The battle for my taste buds...and to keep off my beer belly (and yes, my appreciation for alliteration).  This time around I'm going to be talking about one of my favorite seasonal brews.  There have been so many amazing pumpkin ales produced over the recent past that there is no shortage of breweries offering their own unique take, there's always something new to try.

Post Road Pumpkin Ale by Brooklyn Brewery

As you may have guessed, pumpkin ales are one of my absolute favorite beers.  Actually fall is my favorite time of the year, with winter a close second, partly because they bring some of my absolute favorite beer styles to the stores.
Post Road is the first pumpkin beer I ever had and it was love at first swig.  It's crisp and perfect for a nice cool day, a good beer to relax with after a morning spent picking apples.  The first sip has a bit of hops, then the sweetness (but not too sweet) from the pumpkin and a bit of cinnamon.  It finishes with a faint vegetableness from the pumpkin.  It's very pleasant and easy to drink and it remains one of the pumpkin ales I look forward to every year.  
I think there are superior pumpkin ales available, (Southern Tier Pumking, I'm looking at you, my precious) but I always come back to Post Road.  I was just saying last week that I had not seen it in stores and was disappointed (that was remedied, obviously), I think it's a bit of a tradition for me and sort of officially signals fall.  
I hope you, my dear readers, also enjoy pumpkin beers, because the next batch of Brew Battle posts are all going to be pumpkin related.  In the mean time, please share your favorite seasonal beers in the comments!  


  1. I like pumpkin okay but my favorite seasonal beers are winter, I think, super-malty and dark.

  2. Yeah, barleywine, stouts and porters are my top favorites.

  3. I, too, enjoy the Post Road! I had seen it in stores in late August but couldn't bring myself to buy any. It just wasn't the right time!!
    I haven't seen any since nor have I had any yet this season. This must needs be remedied!!!!

  4. I have never met a pumpkin beer that could live up to Sean's.

  5. Yeah, but Sean doesn't brew anymore. So until then, I have to work with what I have.