Sunday, October 20, 2013

Brew Battle: Warlock

I don't know if anyone is enjoying these posts as much as I am enjoying "researching" them, but either way, on to the next brew!

I have a beer from what has become one of my most favorite breweries, Southern Tier.  I have sung the praises of their Pumking, though not reviewed it yet (I haven't been able to find it lately and worry that the season has passed), but luckily they have another pumpkin beer, this time it's a stout!

Southern Tier Warlock

This is the first time I've had this and Wow, it's absolutely delicious! It's an Imperial Stout, 8.6% alcohol and cost $8.95.  The bottle says it uses 4 different malts and 2 kinds of hops.  It's got a strong caramel profile and a nice roasty-ness overall.  It's not strongly pumpkiny, the caramel overpowers it a bit, but it all balances out nicely.  It's pretty sweet and a heavy drink, which is exactly what I love about these types of beers.  This is a great cool October night drink.  I may need to stock up a bit to be sure to have one available for Halloween night.
Warlock has jumped into my top pumpkin beers, I'm looking forward to doing a final summary and see just where it falls.

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