Thursday, October 17, 2013

Brew Battle: Pumpkinhead

I'm drinking a pumpkin beer, so that can mean only one thing: IT'S BREW BATTLE TIME!

Next up:

Shipyard Pumpkinhead

This is a popular beer, I know a lot of people that are very passionate about Pumpkinhead.  Personally, I enjoy Pumpkinhead but it's not one of my top favorites, not to say I don't like it, because I end up drinking it often enough.  Although drinking it often is usually because it tends to be one of the few "craft" beers on tap (unless you find yourself in a very good bar).  Bars often offer it with a cinnamon/sugar rim for your glass, while I have been known to partake of the sugar rim, I question whether a properly made beer needs any bells and whistles.  But a bit on that later.

Pumpkinhead is pretty light, it's a light color, light alcohol percentage at 4.5% and relatively inexpensive, I think I paid maybe $8 for a six pack.  It's sweet and a bit tart, it's pleasantly crisp and finishes with cinnamon and pumpkin, lightly.  This is a good beginner's beer for those dipping their toes outside of the Bud pool and into the neighbor's deep and mysterious pool.  
So, getting back to the cinnamon/sugar rim, if it's offered, go for it.  I think it definitely enhances the pumpkin pie in a glass thing.  But.  I kind of wish it wasn't necessary, the beer could be a bit more complex in it's profile, but to that effect, if I want a more complex beer then perhaps I should be drinking one.

Well, I guess I'm done arguing with myself.  

In conclusion, it's a good easy to drink beer for a cool fall day.  Despite it's short comings, I wouldn't kick it out of my bed...but I'd be thinking of another seasonal beer while we snuggle.

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